3 Things Causing Worn Teeth

When you notice that your teeth seem worn down, it can certainly feel quite alarming. Before you feel overwhelmed, it’s important to remember that just a single dental visit to our practice will reveal the contributing factor and we will provide you with a care plan to fix the damage. As for what’s been causing the problem in the first place, we are happy to offer a few common, potential factors that may be coming into play. Remember, don’t worry: Just schedule an appointment!

#1: Your Chewing Habit

Did you know that if you happen to indulge in chewing as a habit (not just for eating food), you might end up wearing down your teeth? Eating several times a day is normal. However, chewing a lot (like making your way through cups of ice), nibbling on objects like your nails or pens or a paperclip, and more can slowly wear down your enamel.

#2: Bruxism

It might be bruxism. Instead of chewing on something, you’re either clamping your teeth together (clenching) or chewing on nothing (grinding). This means you’re placing an enormous amount of force against your teeth or you’re pressing them back and forth. Come see us for a dental visit, so we can determine whether you need treatment.

#3: Acid Erosion

Are you someone who loves sports drinks? Soda? Fruit juice? Coffee? Too much acid can actually wear away tooth tissue through something known as “acid erosion.” Over time, it eats away at your enamel. Drink more water, cut out some of those acidic drinks, and schedule a dental visit so we can protect your smile.