Dental Bonding: Making Minor Repairs

smilepinkbackgroundHave you taken a close look at your smile lately? What bothers you about its appearance? If you respond with concerns about tiny imperfections – like chips or cracks – then it’s time you learn more about dental bonding. This cosmetic treatment is a budget-friendly, efficient solution that can quickly transform the look of a tooth or your entire smile within a single visit. By discovering a bit more about what to expect and how bonding may repair minor esthetic concerns, you will find yourself on the road toward a more beautiful, uniform smile.


Shape Up Your Smile: Dental Contouring

womanlaughingcloseupYou may not realize that a mouthful of imperfections is not always the overwhelming monster you may feel it is. In fact, simple yet extremely effective cosmetic treatments like dental contouring can address multiple esthetic concerns, allowing you to reshape a single problem or your entire smile. We encourage you to learn more about how contouring may help you improve minor unsightly issues like a pointed tooth or asymmetrical smile line. You may find that in dentistry, minor changes often yield the biggest results.


Your Teeth Whitening Options

smilestraightwhiteTaking a look at your smile in the mirror and feeling disappointment is something we can help you address. Many patients find that their self-esteem isn’t what it used to be simply because their smiles have begun to look lackluster. Rest assured, you’re not the only person wishing for a way to brighten your smile. It’s also important to note that discoloration is common and often unavoidable – in some cases, the wear and tear that occurs with aging is enough to result in a yellowed smile. Fortunately, we offer teeth whitening options to dramatically whiten your grin, while simultaneously boosting your confidence.


Children’s Dentistry FAQs

Girl Brushing Teeth so She Can Have Healthy TeethAs a parent, you want to make sure your child’s development is highlighted by good experiences at the dentist’s office. After all, positive memories like these will inspire your child to continue taking good care of their teeth at home and seeking out regular checkups and cleanings once they’ve grown up and are on their own. The FAQS about children’s dentistry will help you become a better informed parent and help ease your child into the dental experience. (more…)

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

smileneutralWhen you reflect on what you would like you change about your appearance, so you can feel more confident about your looks, do you immediately think about your smile? For some patients, a dull or yellowed smile is the main culprit in diminishing self-esteem. Some patients feel unhappy with the shape or consistency of their teeth, while others feel like they are dealing with an overwhelming amount of esthetic concerns, from chips to gaps. Whatever your concern, we have the cosmetic dentistry treatment to dramatically improve the beauty of your smile.


Dental Sealants: Exceptional Protection

childcutesmileFinding ways to protect your child’s smile is paramount in your life. Fortunately, we offer a variety of ways to keep teeth and gums in excellent condition. When it comes to protect those harder-to-reach teeth in the back of your child’s smile, we suggest you learn more about dental sealants. Providing a barrier over the nooks and crannies within molars offers exceptional protection against the development of tooth decay, most often caused by trapped bacteria that your child has difficulty removing with daily brushing.


3 Embarrassing Problems Caused by Missing Teeth

Young Blonde Man Concerned about Problems Associated with Missing TeethWhether you lost a tooth falling off your bike, taking a softball to the face, or by simply not taking care of your smile properly, that missing tooth is probably a source of embarrassment. Maybe you hide your mouth behind your hand when you smile, or you refuse to laugh loudly or yawn in front of other people. Unfortunately, lowered self-esteem and confidence might be the least of your worries when it comes to missing teeth. Here are three embarrassing problems you could experience if you don’t get that missing tooth replaced. (more…)

Concerts In The Park

picnicparkfamilyIs there something about the magical warmth and energy of summer nights that makes you dream about fireflies, twinkling stars, and picnics in the park? Lucky for you, your family and friends can gather together for just such an evening event (with live entertainment, to boot!).


Pack The Pool

kidsswimmingAre you a fan of water parks? If so, you may find that your desire to have fun in the sun may not always be enough motivation to get you to gather up your friends, family, and little ones. After all, there’s so much to remember: Sunscreen, towels, snacks, goggles. And then there’s admission, which can multiply quickly depending on the size of your group. Well, what if we told you that the whole point of this event is to enjoy the waterpark for free? Excited? You might want to keep reading: