FAQs: Am I Getting Enough Fluoride?

womanquestionbunAre you worried that you aren’t getting enough fluoride to protect your teeth? Perhaps you are wondering if your child necessarily needs fluoride treatment or if it’s possible to receive too much of this naturally occurring mineral. First, let’s clear one thing up: This substance protects your teeth by strengthening them and offering protection against tooth decay. In the world of dental care, we consider it very important for your oral health. Now, consider answers to frequently asked questions (and remember to bring up additional concerns during your next appointment).

Questions And Answers: Fluoride

Question: Are there instances in which you will suggest a child does not receive a fluoride treatment?

Answer: Yes, which is why we suggest you schedule preventive visits not only for yourself but for your children as well. We can determine your child’s needs as well as your needs regarding fluoride. The right amount protects your teeth, while too much may damage teeth. As a result, if a child has already received sufficient fluoride, additional treatment is unnecessary.  

Question: Is it true that there’s fluoride in my drinking water?

Answer: Fluoride is present in most water. If you receive your water from a community water source, this mineral may be added to protect your oral health from the harmful effects of tooth decay. If you drink water from a well, it’s a good idea to test the water annually to make sure the water is not actually in excess of fluoride.

Question: Should I purchase toothpaste that has fluoride in it?

Answer: Yes, in general, we suggest patients select fluoridated toothpaste. This will help you avoid tooth decay and will “remineralize” tissue damage as the result of early decay.