What To Do When Your Bite Feels “Off”

Have you ever felt like you have something stuck between your teeth but nothing is there? Does it feel like your tooth or teeth shifted? Maybe when you bite down, your teeth just don’t seem to fit together the way they usually do. When your bite is “off,” you can find yourself wondering if something is wrong, if it’s time for a visit, or if maybe you’re just imagining things. Chances are good that you need dental care to address what’s going on. To get down to the details, we encourage you to consider a little helpful information.



Why Is It Hurting To Floss?

So, you’re doing just what we always instruct you to do when it comes to protecting your oral health: Brush and floss. However, during your dental hygiene routine, you notice that it hurts to floss your smile. If you’re unsure what this means, we can begin by telling you that flossing should not hurt! You may not necessarily love the sensation but pain is not a normal part of the equation. If you are finding that it hurts, we encourage you to schedule a visit with us as soon as you can. For now, let us help demystify what might be going on!


Your Dental Stress: 3 Things We Understand

3aquadoorDo you experience dental stress that keeps you from coming in for preventive care? Perhaps you are not too worried about your checkups and cleanings but scheduling your visits for restorative treatments is when the stress begins to skyrocket. Maybe there’s nothing in particular about the care itself that makes your blood pressure go on the rise but you still end up with some amount of tension or anxiety. We would like to tell you something: We understand! Rather than feeling alone or avoiding the care you need, we suggest you let us know (and let us help).


Less Stress Dental Resolutions for 2017

less-stress-dental-resolutions-for-2017We’ve made it through the holidays, and are looking at the start of a new year. Some people like to put on a party hat and celebrate with friends, and others spend time solo, to reflect and recharge. Whatever your New Year’s celebration style, if you are planning on making resolutions, we wish you success. Surveys indicate that people do their best at keeping resolutions when they are well defined, easy to track, and important to the individual. If dental appointments make you anxious, try less stress dental resolutions for 2017.  (more…)

Calcium And Your Smile: Q&A

qawhatwhoYou know that you need calcium because it is essential for good health and for strong bones. However, unless you’ve taken a nutrition class lately, you might not be too up-to-date on the specifics. How much should a person take every day? Is it better to consume calcium through foods or does it make no difference? Allow us to help you answer these and other questions, so you’re doing your best to protect your bone health (which, as you may have imagined, is connected with your dental health, too).


Dental Care Missteps To Avoid In 2017

2017glowHere comes a brand new year, which means you are staring at a clean slate of 365 days. Literally hundreds of days with which you can begin making the best choices possible for your dental care, so your smile remains as healthy as possible. Worried that there are too many ways for you to accidentally mess up? Not sure how to make the most of this time? We are here to help guide you into 2017 by addressing some easy to make missteps (that are equally easy to avoid if you know what to watch out for).


What Are You Giving Your Smile This Holiday?

whitesmilecuteYou’ve got the gifts nestled all cozily under the tree, wrapped in beautiful paper, and topped with ribbons and bows! As you take a look at the tags on each gift, are any of them addressed to your smile? If not, why haven’t you done something special for your grin this year? When you’ve been meaning to provide yourself with the gift of smile care, remember that it’s always a good idea because the gift truly keeps on giving. Need some suggestions or worried it’s too late? We are here to help.