Category: Community Events

Metroplex Doll Show

Do you consider yourself something of a collector? Perhaps you are simply in the market for a unique gift and have been seeing the same stuff over and over during your trips to the mall. Do yourself a favor – particularly for those doll enthusiasts out there – and make sure you mark this upcoming… Read more »

Texas SmartScape Plant Sale

Have you become more and more interested in xeriscaping in an effort to avoid wasting water? Are you amazed at what a beautiful landscape or garden you can create, while limiting the amount of water you use to care for your plants? If so, this upcoming event is a wonderful opportunity to learn a bit… Read more »

Alliance For Children Police Bike Race  

Are you always happy to join in for a good cause? You have the opportunity to join a citizen race just ahead of a police race that raises both awareness and funding for victims of child abuse. Get your bicycle ready for some action, so you are prepared to participate!

The Great Taste Of Grapevine

Are there few things that you become more excited about than food festivals? After all, there’s nothing like getting to try out an incredible number of local restaurants without having to sit down for full meal after full meal. Instead, mark your calendar for this upcoming opportunity to enjoy delicious samples from area restaurants.

Signing Time Concert

Have you chosen to teach your children sign language in your home? Whether as a primary language or an invaluable tool for enhanced communication, signing may be very much a part of your family’s life. For a fun experience (particularly for those who have become familiar with Signing Time educational materials), schedule time for you… Read more »

Police Motorcycle Rodeo

Have you often marveled at watching someone on a motorcycle? Spent time wondering what it must be like for cops who rely on bikes rather than cars when they’re on duty? For a fun way to spend the end of the week and support your local precinct (or police near and far), set a little time… Read more »

Spring Egg Scramble  

It’s a commonly accepted truth that there are few things more adorable than watching little kids in their Easter garb as they search high(ish) and low for hidden Easter eggs! It just happens to be that time of year again, so mark your calendars for this exciting upcoming community event.

Teen Black Light Egg Hunt

You probably already have plans to join the community for another fun year of egg hunting with your tiny tots. However, do you have a teenager in the house who secretly still enjoys community activities but has outgrown the Easter Egg Hunt with the younger kids? Don’t worry – a special event is on the… Read more »

Library Tour Day

Are you new to town? Did your little one just receive his or her first library card and feels quite grown up and responsible? Whatever the case, if you or your child’s knowledge of the library could use a bit of sprucing up, jot this upcoming event down on your calendar!

Walk For Akiva

Is there something about knowing you’re participating in an active event that’s for a good cause that suddenly makes exercising enjoyable? If so, you will be happy to discover there’s a community 5k on the horizon!