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Quiz: Dental Hygiene Splurging

Have you been wondering about the money you spend on dental hygiene products? Do you notice that a trip to the grocery store that includes these items is significantly more expensive than without? Fortunately, we can help you make sense of protecting your budget, splurging, and best shopping practice with a quick quiz.

How To Save Money On Dental Hygiene

While you will typically find that dental hygiene products do not run up a massive bill on a monthly basis, it does not mean there aren’t ways to minimize your spending habits. After all, there’s no reason to waste money that could be attributed to other priorities! Whether you’re wondering if you’re using too much… Read more »

Why Your Brushing Isn’t Working

There are times when the thing you’ve been doing on autopilot (and which has seemed to work for a while) suddenly stops working. It’s hard to pinpoint why, which can cause some serious frustration. Perhaps your beloved shampoo and conditioner begin leaving your hair dull or your favorite food gives you a stomachache. As a result,… Read more »

Your Questions About Hard Brushing

You’re in a rush, you spilled your coffee, you have an errand to run before work, and you still need to brush your teeth – you might as well brush as hard as possible for the 30 seconds you have left before you need to leave, right? Wrong. Let’s try another scenario: You are dedicated… Read more »

Flossing Quiz: True Or False?

Do you ever feel like you place a lot of emphasis on brushing your teeth – perhaps so much so that you end up forgetting about flossing? Or, maybe you just don’t place as much enthusiasm into the flossing portion of your dental hygiene session as you should. Perhaps you can proudly say that the… Read more »

Q&A: Are You Making Dental Hygiene Difficult?

Are you starting to think that the problems you’re experiencing with dental hygiene are simply stemming from your own attitude about the whole thing? Do you sometimes wonder if you could give yourself just the tiniest bit of an attitude adjustment if you would start to feel good about caring your smile instead of frustrated?… Read more »

Electric Toothbrushes: Yes, No, Maybe?

When it comes to certain aspects of your oral health, we can answer with a definitive “yes” or “no.” For instance, if you ask us if sugar is good for your teeth, we will say no. If you ask us if you need to come in for cleanings and checkups, we will say yes. However,… Read more »

Mouthwash Quiz

Have you long thought that mouthwash must have some secret powers, helping to keep your smile in tip-top condition? It’s true that some are formulated to contribute to the protection of your smile (from a variety of challenging oral health problems). However, it’s certainly not a magical cure-all. Let’s explore how much you know about… Read more »

3 Ways To Address Dental Hygiene Discomfort

When it comes to your dental hygiene, you may find that not only do you experience occasional discomfort with your oral tissues – but you may also experience hand cramping, arm fatigue, and more. Rather than assume you need to just buck up and deal with it, we encourage you to consider a few suggestions… Read more »

3 Ways To Purchase An Effective Product

It’s one thing to purchase a bunch of dental hygiene products that will get the job done. It’s another to carefully select products that you feel certain will provide you with the benefits you need. Unfortunately, advertising is often extremely alluring but we all know that it is commonly filled with over-the-top promises and flashy advantages (that may… Read more »