Category: Oral Health

Dental Checkup Quiz

Have you ever dedicated much thought to the details of your dental checkups that you schedule every year? Perhaps the particulars regarding how often you should schedule them and why you need them at all have been eluding you for quite some time, causing you to simply schedule them when you have time. Or, maybe… Read more »

Addressing Your Extraction Concerns

There are certain things that we can almost always count on when it comes to making diagnoses and suggesting treatments. For example – we can almost always guess how a patient is going to respond when we recommend a dental extraction to promote a healthy smile. Your hesitation and momentary upset is not lost on… Read more »

TMJ Disorder 101

If you suffer from chronic discomfort in or around your jaw area, it’s time you learn a few important details about your jaw joints. You see, patients suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD) often deal with a variety of uncomfortable symptoms without even realizing the underlying cause is a jaw joint concern. Rather than reaching for over-the-counter… Read more »

Are You Keeping Your Teeth Clean?

How well are you doing when it comes to keeping your teeth clean? Are you doing a stellar job with your daily and long-term preventive care habits? Or are you worried that, perhaps, you are a bit lax? We often find patients know that daily dental hygiene and trips to the dentist are important –… Read more »

Why Do I Need A Tooth Extraction?

When it comes to providing dental care to promote a healthy, beautiful smile, we always do our best to preserve and save the natural teeth currently in your smile. However, serious problems sometimes call for serious treatment, which is why you may have received the suggestion for a tooth extraction to protect your oral wellbeing…. Read more »

Dental Cleanings: What To Expect

Chances are excellent that if you have been to a dentist before, you have had a cleaning. However, chances are also quite good that you have some questions about dental cleanings and what’s going on while you’re in our chair. To take away the mystery, we invite you to look over the following information about… Read more »

Smile for Life: Protecting Your Dental Health at Every Age

In the not too distant past, most people took it for granted that losing one’s teeth was an inevitable part of growing older. The wear and tear of everyday life, accompanied by a general lack of knowledge about oral health, meant that most people began to lose their teeth in middle age. Thanks to modern… Read more »