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Don’t Let Dry Mouth Hurt Your Smile

Most people don’t notice the natural moist state of their mouth until something happens to change it. Our bodies naturally produce saliva in sufficient amounts to keep oral tissues comfortable, and to rinse food particles from teeth throughout the day. When something upsets the balance, xerostomia (dry mouth) can be the uncomfortable result. Xerostomia can… Read more »

3 Toothbrush Tips

Just when you thought you knew everything you ever needed to know about your toothbrush and dental hygiene, here we are surprising you once more! Did you know there’s a lot of knowledge to be gathered up over this simple yet essential product? From how long you should keep one around to what it can… Read more »

2 Important Times You Should Rinse

Do you ever think about the different times you might want to rinse your mouth to protect your oral health? Or, do you only rinse with water when you’re brushing your teeth? Fortunately, rinsing is very easy to do throughout the day and it’s extremely effective in contributing to a healthy grin. Find out about… Read more »

3 Sugar-Free Options For Your Halloween Handouts

Do you find that as each year passes, you tell yourself that next Halloween, you are going to find some new items to give out when little trick-or-treaters come knocking on your door? As in, you’re over handing gobs of sugar to little kids because the thought of such cute smiles developing tooth decay makes… Read more »

Quiz: Marking Your Progress By The Minute, Day, And More

When you’re taking a look at your approach to dental care, you may wonder how you’re doing. However, the days often tend to run together, so it can become difficult to reflect on the reality of your efforts in comparison to what you think is going on. The best way to make sure you’re practicing… Read more »

Have A Smile-Safe Halloween

Are you feeling the anticipation as Halloween approaches? Do you occasionally look over your shoulder, expecting to see a member of our dental care team watching you as you reach for some yummy candy? If you’re feeling anxious, there’s no need. We are human, just like you, and understand that with holiday time comes cauldrons… Read more »

Jack-o’-lantern Smiles: Good For Pumpkins, Not For You

Yes, your Jack-o’-lantern’s smile looks quite appropriate for Halloween when you’ve ensured it has some missing teeth. While the open spaces in your pumpkin’s grin make October (and your front porch) feel that much more ghoulish and creepy, this is not really the way you’d like to think of your own smile. If you’re dealing… Read more »

Q&A: How To Trust Us With Your Smile

Entrusting your oral health and dental care to our team is something that you might not take very lightly. We want you to recognize that this is an issue we thoroughly understand. The wonderful news is that this is not limited to your own feelings or experience but that it’s a very common sentiment among… Read more »

Sick? Don’t Drag Your Oral Health Down, Too

When you’re sick, your energy and mood are not the only things that can get dragged down. It’s very possible to drag your oral health down, too! The good news? It’s easy to prevent this problem if you know how. When the flu, a cold, or otherwise get the best of you, don’t let their side… Read more »

FAQs: Wisdom Teeth Side Effects

Are you starting to feel a little bit concerned about your wisdom teeth because you know you need to get them removed? However, you don’t like the idea of oral surgery, so you are putting it off. The good news is that the surgery and the aftercare are actually quite simple and less disrupting to… Read more »