Category: Oral Health

Sweet Tooth Quiz

Are you someone who is known to friends and family as having a sweet tooth? If you never met a candy bar you didn’t like, you are likely aware of the fact that this doesn’t bode well for your oral health. The good news is that you aren’t going to be faced with a difficult… Read more »

Oral Redness Quiz

Do you know how to react when you notice redness in your mouth? Are you completely filled in regarding common symptoms of smile problems or do you feel like you could use a bit more education? Do you know when to contact our practice for an urgent visit or when to sit tight and see if… Read more »

Nutrition And Your Oral Health

You have probably heard the adage, “You are what you eat” at least a hundred times in your life – but have you ever applied this thinking to your smile? For instance, do you know how nutrition affects your oral health? It’s obvious that healthy eating promotes overall health. However, when it comes to your… Read more »

Chewing Gum: Your Questions

Now that you are all grown up, perhaps you occasionally think about picking up a pack of sugary gum at the store. However, you might be completely unsure about whether this is a good idea. Rather than stand in the grocery store check-out lane with quite the conundrum on your hands, we encourage you to ask… Read more »

3 Ways To Address Headaches

Have headaches become a common theme in your life? If so, we suggest you consider the fact that oral health issues often cause headaches. If you are not sure where to begin with combatting this uncomfortable problem, we encourage you to follow a few helpful suggestions.

3 Steps: How Do I Choose A Service?

You may find yourself pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to choose a dental service. One factor that commonly keeps patients from addressing concerns with their smiles (or simply receiving the professional care they need) is the fact that they are not sure how to approach this experience. Fortunately, it’s simple. Consider a few… Read more »

Mouthguards: Do You Need One?

What you probably know is that your teeth and jaws are very strong. You may also realize that this strength can backfire when you deal with a functional issue (like bruxism, when you grind your teeth). Then, there’s the fact that while your smile and supportive structures are quite durable, they are still vulnerable to… Read more »

Lots Of Care In One Place

When you’re looking for a way to take care of your smile, chances are good that you don’t want to have to frequent multiple locations. Did you know that you can visit our practice and expect to enjoy comprehensive care that works for the entire family? It’s true. From the technology we outfit our practice… Read more »

Quiz: Why Is My Tongue White?

If you have recently caught a glimpse of your tongue in the mirror and it looks white, you might feel extremely shocked and alarmed. After all, you were expecting a pinkish color. While a white coating is not a pleasant surprise, it is not something that requires you to panic about your oral health (though… Read more »

Using Your Cell Phone For A Healthy Smile

When it comes to keeping your cell phone in your hand, you may find that you are constantly feeling like you should put it down. Getting a text in the middle of dinner? Worrying about the distractions of cell phones while driving? These are all important things to consider. However, when used well, your smart… Read more »