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3 Times You Let Your Smile Down

Did you know that there are common things many patients do on a regular basis that can sabotage oral health? Unfortunately, most people are unaware of these habits and even less aware of the fact that they can lead to problems with maintaining healthy smiles. The good news is that when you’re wondering why your… Read more »

Your Toothbrush: 3 Things You Should Know

We find that patients often hesitantly approach a subject that we assume will be quite complex. However, with a bit of kind urging, we discover many individuals who visit us are extremely concerned about their toothbrushes! Rest assured, just because you have been brushing your teeth on your own for most of your life does not mean… Read more »

Quiz: Why Does My Head Hurt?

Do you suffer from headaches? Are you trying to figure out if you’re doing something wrong or if something is simply “off” with your wellbeing? You may be surprised to learn that there are multiple causes of head discomfort that we can treat with dental care. Having a bit of trouble making the connection between… Read more »

Tongue Indentations: What’s Happening?

You may go quite a while without taking a close look at your tongue only to find yourself highly concerned one day when you noticed indentations along its border. Or, you might have thought this was just the normal appearance of most tongues out there. While scheduling a visit for a final determination with us is… Read more »

2 Ways To Gain Control Of Dental Health

Are you feeling like you’re “chasing your tail” when it comes to providing yourself with excellent dental care? Fortunately, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Sorting out the issues is quite simple as long as you consider a couple helpful tips from us, your friendly dental practice. When it comes to ensuring you enjoy… Read more »

Are You A Mouth Breather?

Do you experience a dry mouth or what you refer to as “cotton mouth” when you wake up in the morning or right after a nap? Perhaps you assume this is the result of your nightly snoring – or maybe you have not yet put your finger on the problem. In addition to this feeling… Read more »

3 Reasons Your Smile Looks … Bad

Are you feeling embarrassed to smile in front of other people because your smile is certainly not looking its best? Can you quickly attest to this fact but you cannot as easily describe exactly what the problem is? If so, it’s time you schedule a visit to come in and see us. We will help… Read more »

Kiss Me! I’m … Suffering From Bad Breath

While St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time for you to exclaim, “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” to get a quick peck from your significant other – you might find yourself in quite a pickle. If your breath is nice and fresh, all may go off without a hitch. However, if you’re dealing with bad breath… Read more »

Going Green For St. Patrick’s Day?

Are you excited about the upcoming holiday? After all, St. Patrick’s day means you can indulge in some exciting traditions, including everything from wearing green to indulging in holiday-themed treats (and imbibing some green-hued beverages if you’re feeling like a risk taker). While the day can be quite fun, it can also prove to result… Read more »

Start The Year Off Right: Dental Cleanings

Do you spend time thinking about how nice it is to have a clean slate for 2016? Are you visualizing yourself scheduling your dental cleanings and checkups like clockwork, so you never have that, “Why did I wait so long?” feeling when it comes to your dental care? If so, your feelings are certainly in… Read more »