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Don’t Know What You Need? Schedule A Visit.

If you haven’t been in to see us in quite some time, you might be feeling hesitant. If you’re considering coming in as a new patient but you’ve been away from dental care for a while or you’re just not sure what to expect, you might put your appointment off for a while. Then again,… Read more »

What’s The Point Of Dental Cleanings?

You might know that dental cleanings are important. However, it’s not unlikely that you’re unsure what makes them so significant. If you don’t really know much when it comes to the point of receiving cleanings for your oral health, we encourage you to become more familiar! It will give you all the motivation you need… Read more »

No Pain? Don’t Assume Everything Is A-OK!

You might be a patient who assumes that since your smile feels A-OK, everything must be just fine! While we certainly don’t want you to feel paranoid, we also don’t want you to walk around under the false impression that your oral health is in perfect condition (when in reality, you might need care). To… Read more »

Q&A: Why Do I Have So Much Saliva?

Do you notice that you consistently have too much saliva in your mouth? Perhaps this is something that only happens on occasion but you’re not really sure why. Maybe you don’t really know if you have a normal amount of moisture in your mouth at any given time, if it’s too little, or too much…. Read more »

Age Old Questions: About Your Toothbrush!

Do you ever sit around pondering the origins of your toothbrush? Maybe you think more about whether you’re using the best dental hygiene products possible or not. Wherever your thoughts tend to lead you, we are glad you spend time thinking about your oral health! In addition, we are happy to share some interesting information… Read more »

Why Is It Hurting To Floss?

So, you’re doing just what we always instruct you to do when it comes to protecting your oral health: Brush and floss. However, during your dental hygiene routine, you notice that it hurts to floss your smile. If you’re unsure what this means, we can begin by telling you that flossing should not hurt! You… Read more »

Calcium And Your Smile: Q&A

You know that you need calcium because it is essential for good health and for strong bones. However, unless you’ve taken a nutrition class lately, you might not be too up-to-date on the specifics. How much should a person take every day? Is it better to consume calcium through foods or does it make no… Read more »

Quiz: Fluoride For Your Child

When we get down to the basics regarding how to prevent your child from experiencing tooth decay, fluoride is one of the key factors. If your child is deficient in this mineral, it means he or she is losing out on powerful protection against the formation of cavities. The good news is that rectifying this… Read more »

How To Brush Sensitive Teeth

Would you say that the term “tender” applies to your smile? Do you notice that your dental hygiene doesn’t leave your smile feeling fresh and wonderful but sore? If smile sensitivity is a real problem for you, it’s important to recognize that you have options. To begin with, we encourage you to consider the ways… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Clarification: Yes Or No?

Do you find that as you sort through what feels like figurative piles of information on the Internet, you’re only further and further from finding simple answers about sleep apnea? If so, you are probably someone who thinks you may need sleep apnea treatment but a lack of factual details is causing you to feel… Read more »