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Smoking: A Quiz On Quitting

Once the day arrives during which you declare you have smoked your last cigarette, you are on the road toward a tobacco-free life. That is, if you can figure out how to quit, how to avoid smoking again, and how to maintain your new lifestyle. Have you set up a solid journey for yourself or… Read more »

Why Is It Hurting To Floss?

So, you’re doing just what we always instruct you to do when it comes to protecting your oral health: Brush and floss. However, during your dental hygiene routine, you notice that it hurts to floss your smile. If you’re unsure what this means, we can begin by telling you that flossing should not hurt! You… Read more »

Calcium And Your Smile: Q&A

You know that you need calcium because it is essential for good health and for strong bones. However, unless you’ve taken a nutrition class lately, you might not be too up-to-date on the specifics. How much should a person take every day? Is it better to consume calcium through foods or does it make no… Read more »

Sensitivity Toothpaste Q&A: Does It Work?

Are you curious about the toothpaste you see on the shelves for teeth sensitivity? If so, you will be glad to learn that this type of dental hygiene product is something you might actually put some stock into, depending on your unique needs. While we can speak more clearly to your particular needs during a… Read more »

Crazy Coffee Questions (They’re Not That Crazy!)

Are you worried that your coffee habit is doing something fairly awful to your smile but you aren’t sure? Perhaps you’re of the school of thought that believes the benefits of coffee drinking far outweigh the negatives. In any case, you may find that you would like to ask us your questions but you don’t… Read more »

3 Ways Your Smile Is Straining Your Relationship

Did you ever consider the fact that protecting your oral health can actually help protect your relationship? We’re not talking about the occasional cavity or chipped tooth. What we are discussing here includes ways that your smile can actually strain the close bond you have with the love of your life. Lucky for you, we… Read more »

Year In Review: 2016 Is Nearly Over

As the year is finishing out, it’s always a wonderful moment to look back over the past collection of months you’ve experienced to weigh in on how things went. From our perspective, of course, we tend to focus on your oral health and how well you’ve been keeping up with the efforts and practices that… Read more »

2 Reasons You Shouldn’t Snack On Ice

As cold weather appears in patches, you might find that it causes your ice cravings to kick in! If you are someone who fills up a cup with crushed ice to snack on it or someone who likes to chomp through an ice cube on a regular basis, you might think there’s nothing wrong with… Read more »

Wintertime Discomfort Q&A

While the winter season that is soon to fall upon us brings up cozy thoughts of cuddling under blankets and donning big, warm sweaters, it might evoke some less than desirable thoughts, too. For those patients we see who have a hard time with the cold temperatures, we know that the shift can become especially uncomfortable… Read more »

Quiz: Wear And Tear

You may call it what you wish. The natural aging process. Wear and tear. The effects of daily smile use. No matter the way you refer to it, the truth is that your teeth cannot remain in exceptional, exquisite shape on their own. You use them for some seriously heavy function, from tearing apart foods… Read more »