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3 Myths You Shouldn’t Rely On

When you find yourself feeling extra curious about your oral health, it’s always advisable to speak with us about your thoughts rather than relying on what you might consider “common knowledge” about dental care or advice from friends. Why? Well, there’s a lot of misinformation out that there might unnecessarily scare you, that will not… Read more »

Healthy Summer Drinks: How Much Do You Know?

Summer, especially in the southern states, can be harsh, hot, and dry. Not only are we always thirsty, the news and radio forecasters are always reminding us to stay hydrated. What tastes better in the summer than an ice cold glass of sweet tea, or lemonade, or soda? But, are they healthy summer drinks? Find… Read more »

How To Approach Sun Exposure

When you’re planning to spend some significant time outdoors during the summer, you may find yourself feeling somewhat conflicted. On one hand, you have heard that the sun is essential – you need sunlight to remain healthy. However, you have also heard that sun exposure is dangerous for everything from your skin to your oral… Read more »

2 Ways To Spin Your Dental Thoughts

Have you ever thought much about your self-talk when it comes to dental care and your oral health? What do we mean by this, exactly? Well, what we mean is: What do you say to yourself on a daily basis when you think about caring for your smile? Are you saying positive things that make… Read more »

Dental Fillings and Root Canals – What’s the Difference?

Have you been told your tooth requires root canal therapy, and you wonder why a simple, less-invasive dental filling wouldn’t suffice? Though most cavities can be effectively treated with a dental filling, many tooth infections are so severe by the time the patient seeks treatment that root canal treatment is the only hope of saving… Read more »

Why Treat Summer Allergies?

Are you having some flare-ups with your allergies that you always hope will go away once spring has officially left for the year? While it’s frustrating to continue suffering throughout summer, it is something that many patients experience on an annual basis. If you’re someone who is on the fence about taking an allergy pill… Read more »

Quiz: Your Summertime Smile

How’s your current oral health? Have you noticed that the days are getting nice and long and it’s about time to head out to the swimming pool? If so, have you been giving much thought to how summertime may affect your smile (or things you should be doing to protect your lovely teeth and gums)?… Read more »

Good For Your Health, Bad For Your Teeth

You may find yourself surprised by foods or beverages to which you apply a general label of “good” when you discover they are bad for your oral health. How can something packed full of nutrients be considered dangerous for your smile? The good news is that this topic is not completely cut-and-dry. Remember that many… Read more »

Fluctuating Hormones: Do They Affect Oral Health?

Perhaps you have often heard that pregnant women are more likely to experience inflamed gums. Maybe you have often noticed that things taste different when your hormones are in flux. While this may sound like the stuff of “old wives’ tales,” hormones really can affect your oral health! Curious about the types of changes that… Read more »

Dental Quiz: What Does The Future Hold?

Are you wondering less and less about your present smile – after all, you seem to have gotten prevention and hygiene down pat – and more and more about what will become of your grin down the line? The good news is that while the future of your smile and oral health may seem like… Read more »