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Thoughts On Floss: Answering Your Questions

Do you find that a good portion of your spare time is spent daydreaming about dental floss? No? Well, perhaps you think about it occasionally and wonder if you’re doing a good enough job and making wise choices. If this sounds more like it, you may have some questions that you are unable to positively… Read more »

3 Summer Trends To Continue Into Fall

While there are those things we may have cautioned you against during the summer (like too much lemonade), there are also those beneficial habits we strongly suggested you do practice for your oral health. You can, of course, assume that the bad-for-you stuff is still bad. However, you may wonder if the beneficial recommendations we made… Read more »

2 Ways To Relax

For many patients, there’s nothing in particular about any procedure or dental care itself that is unattractive or frightening. There’s just something in general about a trip to the dentist’s office that elicits a sense of dread or anxiety. First, it’s probably helpful to know that we understand the butterflies in your stomach and would like to… Read more »

4 Rumors We Hear All The Time

As you can imagine, patients ask us a lot of questions on a daily basis (which makes us smile, as we always suggest you ask us your questions, so we can keep you informed with accurate information). What we notice, however, is that there are some rumors that tend to swirl and swirl without fail…. Read more »

Quiz: Know Your Cavities

Do you know much about what happens when you experience a cavity? For instance, do you know how to figure out if a cavity is affecting your smile? Are you sure about how seriously tooth decay affects your oral health? Since the development of cavities is quite common, it’s an often overlooked concern by patients…. Read more »

Q&A: The Lowdown On Water

Do you generally think of water as something that is good for you oral health and your body – but the information sort of stops there? Do you know why drinking water is a good practice, if there are any exceptions, or even how much water is sufficient on a daily basis? If not, we… Read more »

Remove Wisdom Teeth Soon

Have you already been told that you have wisdom teeth that require removal? Perhaps the need for wisdom teeth removal is your teenager’s but you haven’t had time to schedule the procedure thanks to life being so busy and the days seeming too short. Good news: We are here to offer you some helpful motivation… Read more »

Full Dentures: 2 Reasons To Choose Them

You might find that dealing with complete tooth loss is not something you ever expected in your life. As a result, you’re not completely certain about what to do when it’s time to seek out tooth replacement choices. As a matter of fact, this is all completely uncharted territory. So, when we ask you what… Read more »

3 Things We Wish Patients Would Ask

Are there questions that you want to ask us when you’re visiting us? Perhaps you want to give us a call but you just feel too shy. While we always appreciate that some are shier than others, we also worry that there are opportunities or benefits you are missing out on because you don’t think… Read more »

Toothaches: 3 Steps Toward Relief

Do you know what to do when you suffer from a toothache? If not, we encourage you to consider some helpful steps for addressing this oral health issue. After all, dealing with pain or other forms of discomfort within your tooth can be a bit unnerving to say the least. The good news is that… Read more »