Sleep Apnea: The Essential Details

sleepapneacoupleHave you found that you wake up in the morning feeling anything but rested? This can feel particularly troublesome when you don’t have any memory of waking up during the night. This is a common trait of sleep apnea. While you may wake up hundreds of times per night as a result of this sleep disorder, you may fall under the impression that you slept peacefully through the night. Is this starting to sound extremely familiar? If so, learn more about whether your strange daily symptoms (like unexplained exhaustion) are something we can help you resolve with treatment. Consider the following:


Bruxism Treatment: Are You In Need?

bruxismhandsignDo you find that you suffer from sensations that you cannot quite attribute to one particular cause? Perhaps your teeth feel extremely sensitive but you’re not sure why. Maybe you feel some discomfort while you chew. Even more confusing – you may have had a friend or loved one tell you that they can hear you grinding your teeth but you don’t remember performing this habit. Fortunately, we are experts at identifying the potential disorder associated with your discomfort – it’s called bruxism. Even better news? We offer bruxism treatment to protect your smile and to relieve you of symptoms. Ready to find out if treatment may be right for you? Consider the following details:


Dental Checkups: Why You Need Them

dentalcheckupmagnifyingIs it time for your dental checkup? It certainly is if it has been six months since your last checkup. While you may consistently schedule these preventive visits like clockwork, you may find yourself wondering why checkups are so important. For instance – will something bad happen if you neglect your checkup? Does this visit really offer you much in the way of health benefits or is it just a routine appointment? To find out more about how much protection you gain from seeing us twice a year, we encourage you to learn more as you read ahead:


Dental Cleanings: What To Expect

womanquestionfaceChances are excellent that if you have been to a dentist before, you have had a cleaning. However, chances are also quite good that you have some questions about dental cleanings and what’s going on while you’re in our chair. To take away the mystery, we invite you to look over the following information about what you can expect. We understand that patients often feel much more relaxed and optimistic about scheduling preventive care when they feel educated. To ensure you feel further empowered, we also encourage you to ask questions during your upcoming visit.


Smile for Life: Protecting Your Dental Health at Every Age

Grandmother, Daughter, and Granddaughter Leaning on Couch and SmilingIn the not too distant past, most people took it for granted that losing one’s teeth was an inevitable part of growing older. The wear and tear of everyday life, accompanied by a general lack of knowledge about oral health, meant that most people began to lose their teeth in middle age. Thanks to modern dentistry, widespread water fluoridation, and improved public knowledge about dental hygiene, people today can expect to keep their natural teeth well into their golden years . . . as long as they take the proper steps to care for their smile. (more…)